Stylish and Functional Glasses: Buying Tips for SpectaclesStylish and Functional Glasses: Buying Tips for Spectacles

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Stylish and Functional Glasses: Buying Tips for Spectacles

Welcome to my blog. My name is Geri, and I have been wearing glasses since I was eight. As a kid, I suffered through un-stylish frames, picked out by my mum, but as I got older and begin buying my own prescription glasses, I learned how to find ones that were both stylish and functional. I now have multiple pairs of glasses. I have glasses for reading, prescription goggles for skiing and glasses for everyday wear as well as a few other pairs. If you want tips on buying glasses or other optical goods, you have found the right blog. Please, explore and enjoy!


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29 April 2015

Most people don't like to consider the idea that t

Don't Overlook These 3 Signs That You Need an Eye Exam

Most people don't like to consider the idea that their eyesight might be failing, but if you need glasses or contacts it's best to get them as soon as possible, for your own safety. Not being able to focus while driving can contribute to traffic accidents, and not being able to judge depth and distance of objects may contribute to falls and other accidents at home.

If you've been putting off an eye exam, note a few telltale signs that it's time to see an optometrist.

You need to keep moving objects to read or see them clearly

One surefire way of knowing that you need glasses or a new prescription is if you need to keep moving objects to see them clearly. When you try to read food labels or the newspaper or something else you're holding in your hands, your eyes should be able to focus easily from one size of text to the next. However, if you need to move the paper closer to read the classified ads or move a jar of peanut butter away from you to read the ingredients, this often means that your eyes need help with focusing. The right corrective lenses can ensure that your eyes do the work of focusing on their own, without you needing to move things back and forth in front of you.

Things seem blurry at night

One reason that things might get blurry at night is that your eyes are not taking in enough light to focus and see things clearly. This often happens as the eyes change shape with age; the pupils may not be able to dilate enough to take in the light you need to see clearly. Glasses can force the pupils to expand so that your eyes take in light needed to see even when your surroundings are dark.

Other people see things more clearly than you

If you're the only one who feels the television is too far from the sofa or the only one who needs to sit close to the movie screen to see the picture, chances are you need corrective lenses. While everyone's eyesight is different, again, the eyes should be able to adjust and focus so that you can more readily see objects even at a distance.

If everyone else can see the television clearly or read certain street signs with ease and you cannot, take this as a sign that you may need to get your own eyes examined by clinics like Bay Optical.